Carnival, a play of lives

Sweet hustle wind goes by
shadows and reflections casting

People amidst myriad of scenes
the carnival, a play of lives

Moments of joy, moments of melancholy
moments of fear, moments of ecstasy

Debilitated clown, puts up a smile pennies
Frazzled rich, bagged up with shiny and new

Homeless child, pleading for free toys
Minted ones, jumping into countless rides

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Inner peace

It’s the rejuvenating cool breeze
on a sultry summer day

It’s the smile and laughter
shared with a loved one

It’s the sound of the waves
and seagulls on a beach

It’s the chirping of birds
on a lush green track

It’s the feeling of gratitude and care
for oneself and others around

It’s the contentment in minimal
It’s the faith in oneself and the divine

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

– Image Copyright ©️ Pinterest

Holding on

Darkness encloses, not sign of light
stomach churns, what a state of plight

Holding on to,
those sweet memories of past
those happy days that didn’t last

Holding on to,
the faith once, so strong
the believe, it’s not wrong

Holding on to,
the good old days, to come again
dark storm to end, peace to hail again

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Image Copyright ©️- Pinterest

People like you and me

Heard everyone say
they are all people,
people, like you and me

Heard everyone say
they are all people
people, with the same brains

In reality,
people are different.

it makes them what they are,
it makes the world what it is.

In reality,
people have different abilities
people have different outlook

In reality,
everyone should be respected
because everyone is worth it

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

– image Copyright ©️ Pinterest

Body shaming

Standing in front of the mirror
looking up and down, you shiver

Glimpse of a ‘perfect’ body flashes
Your body’s contour mismatches

The skin isn’t scarless
The figure isn’t flawless

The society scorn and taunts
advocates it’s ruthless wants

The world defines a ‘beauty’
disregards the nature’s duty

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

– Image Copyright ©️ Pinterest

Countless stars

Gazing up the night sky
I let out a deep sigh

Did I ascend and won the fight
Or is the dream still out of sight

Is the path I’m on still right
all I feel is my flickering might

Gazing up the night sky
I look up to the stars and cry

The twinkle blinds my eye
suddenly a thought passes by

The countless stars sing to me
“Endless opportunities awaits thee”

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

– Image Copyright ©️ Unsplash


Time an unregarded,
underrated element

an element
of invincibility

an element
of surprise

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Image Copyright ©️ – Pinterest


You’re a masterpiece
took away the heart’s keys

Feel your presence everyday
fates to cross is it today?

Voice like a sweet summer song
Lights up my heart’s oblivion

Can’t stop smiling, thinking
Will you be there when I’m sinking?

This distance mocks, it kills me
‘Love is not easy’ it warns me

Bursting the bubbles of whims
I go back to sleep and sins

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Image Copyright – Shubhangi Antil

Greed or need?

Greed or need,
It’s a thin line indeed

Greed is when
“more” is the mantra

Need is when
“enough” is the mantra

Work for your needs
Discard your greeds

In the end,

the path of contentment
terminates resentment

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Image Copyright – ©️ Pinterest


Lied down but can’t sleep

this pulsating head,
circling through me

this ravishing pain,
seeping through me

Oh please, let me be.

this utter darkness
mocking me,

I can’t breathe
it’s so trapped inside of me

This unrest mind,
searches for peace

Oh please, let me be.

– ©️ Shubhangi Antil

Image Copyright ©️ – Shubhangi Antil

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